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Sample Outline for PreK

Supplies: Regular TEACH supplies including watercolors, pencil, crayons, scissors, and glue.

Each class we will focus on one main letter. We will explore the shape and sound of the letter through activities, songs, books, and crafts. I have over-planned and tried to keep it active since the class is mostly boys!


Week 1:

Letter: A

Apple A’s, Apron A’s, A’s on the Airplane, Acrobatic A’s, Fingerprint ants, My A Book, Animal movements

Snack: Apples or Applesauce

Books: Aminal, There’s an Alligator Under My Bed


Week 2:
Letter: B

Button B’s, Big Box, Birds in the Birdhouse, Balloon B’s, Beanbag Boogie, Balls, Balance Beam, Build with Blocks, Blowing Bubbles

Snack: Bananas, Bread and Butter
Books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Berenstains’ "B" BookChristina Katerina & the Box
Week 3:
Letter: C

Cotton Ball C’s, Cutting Corners, Carpet Square Game, Clothes on the Clothesline, Counting Cans, Clap to music, Crawl like Caterpillars or Crabs, Sandpaper C’s

Snack: Cheese & Crackers, Carrots OR Cookies
Books: C is for clown, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom


Week 4:

Letter: D

Dot D’s, Dancing Dinosaurs, D’s in the Drawer, Daisy Flannelboard Game, Drumming for D, D Detective, Donut Puzzles, Dinosaurs in the Dirt, Dance to Music, Draw doodles, Be ducks, dogs, dinosaurs

Snack: Doughnuts on the dish

Books: Five Little Ducks, Danny and the Dinosaur
Week 5:
Letter: E

My E Book, E’s in Eggs, E’s in the Envelope, Egg Puzzles, Popsicle stick E’s, Elephants Balancing, Exercises

Snack: Deviled Eggs
Books: Stand Back Said the Elephant, I am Going to Sneeze
Week 6:
Letter: F

Feather F’s, Fingerprint Fans, Far-out Fish, Feeling the letter F, Fishing for F’s, Follow the Footprints, Fabulous Feelings, Fold fabric squares, Count to five, Make funny faces, Leap Frog

Snack: Fruit Faces

Books: Fix-It, Fish is Fish

Week 7:

Letter: G

G collages, Garbage Bag Guessing Game, Creating Green, A Garden of G’s, Grinning for G, Gallop to Music, Green, gold, and Gray, Growling Contest, Smell grass, garlic, and gumdrops,

Snack: Grapes

Books: Goggles, The Goat and the Rug


Week 8:


Letter: H

Hippopotamus Heart H’s, H’s in the House, H is for Hands, Horses and Hurdles, Heart Match-Ups, Color Hats, Hula-Hoop fun, Human H’s, Paper Horns, Hats!! Fly around like helicopters

Snack: Hershey’s kisses

Books: Big Orange Spot, Hot Hippo


Week 9:

Letter: I

Insect I’s, My I Book, Ice Cream Cone Game, I is for In, Incredible I’s, Crawl like inchworms, Play musical Instruments, Sugar Cube Igloo

Snack: Homemade Ice cream

Books: Iggy, The Important Book


Week 10:

Letter: J

Jewelry J’s, J’s in the Jeans, Jogging for J, Jellybeans in Jars, Let’s Jump for J, Do jumping jacks, be Jack Be Nimble, do Jigsaw Puzzles, Be Jugglers, Jellyfish, Jack-O-Lantern Faces

Snack: Jam on bread or crackers
Books: Johnny Appleseed, Junglewalk

Sample Outline for Starters (5-6) or  Pre-Readers (6-7) class

Joy School (Character building)

Class fee $3

Week 1
Interest & Curiosity ~ Finding joy in looking, searching, finding answers and knowledge.
Week 2
Interest & Curiosity ~ more fun using our curiosity...
Week 3 
Trust & Confidence ~ Helping children know that they are unique and special!
Week 4
Honesty and Candor ~ Reinforce and preserve the beautiful and natural quality of honesty.
Week 5
Relationships & Communication ~ Reinforce all the positives and special character traits.
Week 6
Imagination and Creativity ~ Imagination is a passport to learning, understanding and adventure.
Week 7
Imagination and Creativity ~ More fun with our imaginations and creativity.
Week 8
I am Unique ~ Nurturing confidence and assurance to cultivate joyful self-esteem.

Class: Science



Curriculum used:

Let’s Read and Find Out About Science books, level 1

Mudpies to Magnets

*note- these lessons may not be taught in this order, availabilityof library books and materials needed will take precedence over the order of lessons. But, if all is good this is how I would like to organize the weeks.


The World Around Us

Week 1 Air is a Substance

Read aloud – Air is All Around You (Let’s Read and Find Out About Science) by Franklyn M. Branley



Make a book                     


Week 2  What is a Shadow?


Read aloud – What Makes A Shadow (LRFO)

Activities: Shadow Box

Make shadow puppets

Shadow Shadow on the Wall


Week 3 Sounds in our World


Read aloud – Sounds All Around (LRFO) by Wendy Pfeffer

Activities: Sound Traveler

What’s that Sound

Call me

Thunk or Ding


Week 4 The Stars in Space


Read Aloud – Big Dipper, Little Dipper Everyone’s a Star


Constellation art

Space Helmets


Week 5 Snow


Read Aloud – Snow is Falling (LRFO)

Activities: Mushy, Slushy Melty Snow

Weather or Not I should wear it

Weather art

Weather Predictors


The Human Body

Week 6 Sense of touch

Read Aloud – I Can Tell by Touching (LRFO)

Activities: Touchy Feely Box

Texture Collage: Take your fingers for a walk

Rough and smooth


Week 7 Teeth


Read Aloud – How Many Teeth (LRFO)

Activities: The Great Brush off


Week 8 What do you do with your eyes?


Read Aloud – Look at your eyes (LRFO)

Activities: Shake, Shake, Shake

Tricky eye tricks

Spinning pictures


Week 9 Feet


Read Aloud – My Feet (LFRO)

Activities: Sensitive Toes

Stepping out, Hop, Skip, Jump

The shape and Hop game


Week 10    I’m Growing


Read aloud – I’m Growing (LRFO)

Activities: My, How You Have Grown

Bones Builders Skeleton Creators

Extra Lesson:  Hands

Read Aloud – My Hands (LRFO)

Activities: Real puzzles

Newspaper Construction

Eyedropper art

Beat a Leaf

Fingerprints: No two alike 

Sample Outline for Readers (8-9)

Class: PE


Description and Outline:


The first 20 minutes of each week will be a warm-up activity/game like
tag/capture the flag or others that are pretty active. The next 15
minutes skill practice, then the final 20 minutes play the sport or
another active game. I have an extra activity for weeks I think we
might finish early and need one more thing. The focus will be on
playing games and having fun and being active.

Week 1: Soccer
Warm-up: Shark Island http://pazz.tripod.com/shark.html
Skill Practice: Dribble around cones relay, passing relay,
shooting/goalie practice
Game: Smug's Jewel (like Duck, Duck, Goose, only more kids running)

Week 3: Basketball
Warm-up: Card Sharks Dibble and Catch
Skill Practice: Shooting stars
Game:  Squirrels in the trees
Extra if needed: Tumbleweed Round-up
http://pazz.tripod.com/tumbleweed_round.htm with the kickballs and
small nerf balls

Week 4: Flag Football--
Warm-up: Capture the Flag (using flags so they get used to grabbing those.)
Skill Practice: Pirate Ball
(http://www.mrgym.com/MiscGames/Pirateball.htm) Unless they need more
time to finish Capture the Flag
Game: Color Tag with plate

Week 5: T-Ball
 Warm-up: Math Munchers (http://www.mrgym.com/Cooperatives/Math_Munchers.htm
Skill Practice: Pickle (http://www.mrgym.com/MiscGames/Pickle.htm)
Game: Whiffle Ball

Week 6 : Volleyball
Warm-up: Junk Food Tag http://pazz.tripod.com/veggietag.htm
Skill Practice: Keep the balloon in the air. One point for each
correct hit (bump or set)
Game: Water Balloon Volleyball
Extra if needed: Elves, Magicians, Giants

Week 7: Gymnastics (Balance Beam, Tumbling) and Playground Games
Warm-up : Knots, Crazy Frogs Lily Pad Game
Educational Balancing Game
Stations:  hopscotch, 4 square http://pazz.tripod.com/4square.htm, and jumprope
Possibly end with Smug's Jewel (like Duck, Duck, Goose, only more kids
running) http://pazz.tripod.com/smug.html

Week 8: Field Day (sack race, 3 leg race, clothes race, water relay,
other relay races, . . . . .)
Various Stations with different games/relays

Additional games: Freeze tag, one o'clock, sharks and minnows,

Sample Outline for Learners (10-11)

Class:  Human Anatomy

Class Description and Outline:

     This class is designed to be an introduction to the human body.  My goal for the class is to show the students how freakin'  amazing their bodies are and spark in them a  desire to learn more.  Each week we will discuss a new system, its basic function, and major organs. We will discuss common misconceptions within the appropriate system (e.g., your blood is not blue and your heart does not stop when you sneeze), as well as learn fun and interesting facts (e.g., an average personproduces about 1.7 liters of saliva each day and 70% of the dust in your home is shed human skin).

      This is subject to change. If need be, we may spend more than one week on a particular system, in which case we would not have enough time to cover all that is listed below.


Week 1

Quick overview

Cells  → tissues → organs → systems

Nervous System


Week 2

Skeletal System


Week 3

Digestive System


Week 4

Respiratory System


Week 5

Muscular System


Week 6

Circulatory System


Week 7

Urinary System


Week 8

Immune System


Week 9

Integumentary System


Week 10

Review Game

Sample Outline for Scholars (Ages 12 and up)

Class: Debate


Class Description and Outline:

This will be a basic level class for students with an interest in debate but with little or no
knowledge how. Through games and interactive activities, we will learn how to write a debate
case and how to politely argue it. We will try to make the process enjoyable and challenging.
At the end of the term, students who are interested will have the opportunity to debate against
students from Liberty Speak debate team from Caldwell.

Week 1
What is LD Debate?

Week 2
How to Flow a Debate

Week 3
Selecting Main Points/Contentions

Week 4
Selecting a value

Week 5
Picking a criterion

Week 6
How to use 4 Point refutation

Week 7
How to effectively cross exam

Week 8
Write own individual case

Week 9
Argue your case

Week 10
Argue your case