T.E.A.C.H. Family Cooperative

Together Edifying And Cherishing Homeschooling

Code of Conduct


1.  I agree to be respectful with asking questions or making comments.  I realize the importance of listening to others when it is their chance to share.

2.  I agree to treat others as I would want to be treated.  I will show courtesy, kindness, and respect toward others regardless of their opinions being different from mine.  I agree to show respect with my hands & feet, as well as with my speech.

3.  I agree to treat our meeting place with respect at all times.  I will choose to treat the building and things in it as I would want my own things to be treated.

4.  I agree to clean up after myself in class, after class, and after lunch.



1.  I agree to treat all children with kindness and keep discipline limited to what the co-op has in place. 

2.  I agree to assist at all times when I am needed.  I agree to teach and help each semester, and help during lunch and in classes when needed.

3.  I agree to be faithful to my commitments in the co-op.  I agree to get substitutes when I am unable to fulfill my commitments.  I also agree to not overburden other parents by getting substitutes too often.

4.  I agree to arrive on time to class.  I understand excessive tardiness will result in "strikes" and possibly being asked to the leave the co-op. 

5.  I understand and agree that refunds are not offered.

6.  I understand the nursery is available to teachers. I will not leave my children in the nursery when I am not needed as a teacher unless I am also in the nursery tending my own children.

7.  I agree to make payments on time, and supply the needed supplies, if any,  for each class my children are taking.

8.  I understand I am fully liable for my children's safety, well being, and behavior at all times whether I am on-site or not, during co-op time.  I will not allow them to run around unsupervised on the premises. 

9.  I understand if I do not provide the needed supplies for each class, my child may be unable to participate.

10.  I agree to inform, remind, and help my children understand the student code of conduct.  I also understand I am responsible for my own children's behavior, and realize if I do not enforce the co-op code of conduct it may result in being asked to the leave the co-op.  I also understand there are no refunds if this takes place.

Discipline Process

Regarding Students

If a child misbehaves or disrupts the class, the teacher will employ gentle discipline.  If that is ineffective, the child will be taken to the directors or parent.  No hitting, yelling, or disrespectful behavior will be tolerated by students, parents, teachers, or volunteers.  Any infraction may result in immediate expulsion. 

We go by a "3 strikes you're out" policy.  If a child has behavior problems that go against our code of conduct, and is not remedied by gentle discipline by parents or volunteers, they will be given one "strike".  If a child receives 3 strikes they are no longer welcome. (This is rare.)

Regarding Parents

This co-op does not exist without parents being committed to it.  If each parent does their share, the work is easy.  Supporting each other by being on time, putting effort into our classes, keeping our meeting place clean, and doing our equal part is essential for this co-op to be a success, and for our children to get the most out of it.  Any parent being consistently late, flaking on their teaching assignments, being disrespectful to other parents for any reason, or being consistently tardy in general will be grounds for being asked to leave. 

The strike procedure also applies to parent volunteers.  Infractions of the code of conduct, or discipline process, may result in strikes.  If any parent receives 3 strikes, they will be asked to leave.  Children will not be allowed to attend the co-op if parents are expelled.