T.E.A.C.H. Family Cooperative

Together Edifying And Cherishing Homeschooling

Class Information

Class Offerings

Classes will be determined at parent meetings or through suggestions of parent teachers. 

We ask all parents to think ahead of time what things they might want to teach or have their children take, and bring examples of books or curriculum to co-op.

Our main focus for all classes is hands-on learning.  Teachers are encouraged not to lecture.  Reading picture books, doing experiments, playing games, doing projects, singing, playing, drawing, coloring, etc., are encouraged. We encourage each class to be relaxed, and allow the children to make friendships while learning together. 


Class Preparation

After deciding on what classes will be taught each semester, we will take volunteers for each class at each age level. A syllabus or general outline for each class should be created for each class, along with a supply list if special supplies are needed.


Class Time & Length

Classes are 55 minutes in length each week.  It is vital that each class start and end on time.  Teachers are not required to "catch up" a child if they are late. 

The current schedule is this:

Gathering/announcements 10-10:15, 1st class 10:15-11:15, 2nd class 11:15-12:15, lunch 12:15-1:00, 3rd class 1-2, 4th class 2-3.



We encourage teachers to use some sort of curriculum, book, or guide.  This makes it easy for substitutes to fill in at any time.  If no curriculum is available for the particular class you choose, we ask each teacher to create a syllabus and ideas on how to carry out the class if they were unable to teach. Each teacher also needs to provide a "back-up" lesson that is pick-up-and-go to be used in emergency situations.



Each child will need a backpack to put their projects etc.. in.  The co-op will be providing basic supplies for each class. Please label backpacks, lunch boxes, and coats with child's name.  All lost and found items are donated or thrown away each semester if children do not claim them.

Each teacher will be given a small allotment from the supply fees to cover needed supplies. This fee is $10 per student per semester.

TEACH will be providing the following for each class

  • pencils
  • pencil sharpeners
  • scissors
  • crayons or colored pencils
  • glue sticks
  • bottles of white school glue
  • sets of water color paints with paintbrushes
  • box to put supplies in
  • Tissues, wipes, and hand sanitizer


You Will Need to Supply Each of YOUR Children With:

  • Backback & Lunchbox with their name on it!
  • Occasionally a class may have various supplies they require in addition to the TEACH supplies (this is very rare and is usually something like paper towel rolls). 


Being on time is extremely important in running this co-op effectively. 1st Hour Teachers are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to class time in order to set up and start class on time.  All teachers are encouraged to end on time in order to keep things running smoothly. 



Gentle discipline is to be used at all times.  If the teacher is unable to keep order with a child, they are asked to take the child to the parent or co-director.  The parent will resolve the issue.  If they are unable, a "strike" will be issued.  If problems persist, more strikes may be issued.  After 3 "strikes" the child will no longer be allowed in the co-op.  Parents may also be asked to stay with their child during class, rather than issuing strikes. 


Special Needs

We have a policy of full disclosure of children with special needs. During the registration process, each parent will need to disclose any special needs or considerations for each student/child. Teachers and committee members (which includes all adults at co-op) need to be aware of special needs in order to best assist the child and follow proper protocol for specific needs. This includes specific allergies.



Teachers are encouraged to use the nursery for their own children while teaching class.  We understand there may be times children need only their mothers, but we ask this to be kept to a minimum where possible. It is a distraction to the other children, as well as taking away class time. You are more than welcome to stay in the nursery with a child to play and visit.