T.E.A.C.H. Family Cooperative

Together Edifying And Cherishing Homeschooling


This group evolved from 2 families getting together for a small co-op.  Seeing a need that could be fulfilled by a larger co-op, we created this group.   Basically, we were a couple of moms wanting to provide a great experience for our children.  Since we were actively homeschooling, we wanted to create a positive environment where our children could come together to learn in a group . We also wanted to lighten the load for the families wanting to enhance their schooling with extra-curricular classes and create lasting friendships.    


Krista Collins and Amber Gunnell are the co-founders of TEACH.  Patty Thompson and Macy Huberty are now the directors with their children participating. 
  • teachdirectors@yahoo.com (email general questions for the directors)
Our board consists of all the parents.  Each "board member" has input on what classes are offered.  We welcome all ideas, and discuss them in our parent meetings.

This group is not religiously affiliated.  We want all families to feel welcome.  We do have a code of conduct each parent and child will need to sign during registration.  This code of conduct is to emphasize the importance of respect to all members of the group. 

Board Duties

Director & Co-Director- Oversees basic management of the group.  Leads parent group discussions.  Represent the group in the community.  Make themselves available for questions and concerns.  Help advertise for the group.  Oversees the budget and expenditures.  Make the final decisions on discipline issues.


Nursery Teacher- Not needed as the nursery is the mom "hang-out" and the moms not teaching help watch the nursery age children of moms who are teaching. Nursery age children can also go with their mom if needed. Many moms "wear" their babies in slings or wraps.


Teachers- Teachers create, prepare, and teach a class for the first, second, or third hour class times for the *entire semester. They are asked to create a syllabus or lesson plan, and a supply list for the class they teach. They are encouraged to use the nursery for their own children.  They are also required to get a substitute for any class They are unable to teach. 1st Hour teachers are required to arrive 15-20 minutes early to start class on time.


Lunch-  All moms are asked to help supervise and clean up at lunch. You are welcome to bring games or activities. Children can play and chat during this time, but not roam the building. Also, children are not allowed to play outside without permission and supervision of their parents.


Clean-Up - The Clean-up consists of vacuuming, general clean up, put chairs away, and return the facility to it's original state.3rd hour teachers are responsible for cleaning their classrooms.

Class Group Descriptions

Preschool - Our preschool children are ages 3-4. 

Starters- ages 5-6. 

Beginning Readers - ages 6-7

Readers-  ages 8-9.

Learners- ages 10-11 

Scholars - ages 12 on up.


We do not focus on "grades" when referring specifically to the children in these groups.  The group distinction is to create a "younger, middle, and older" group that best fits the need of each child's ability level.


Some ages overlap.  If the teacher finds the child is struggling or cannot behave in the class they are teaching, the matter will be discussed with the parents, to find a group that better fits the child's needs.


The directors may have to move children to different classes as needed to adjust class size or group children of similar abilities.  We try to do what is best for each child and class.